Net Neutrality Cowards

by Mike Wendy on January 5, 2018

Yesterday, Recode reported that FCC Chairman Ajit Pai would not be attending the annual Consumer Electronics Association mega show in Las Vegas due to death threats.

This is not the first time he’s experienced such intimidation and abuse. Since May, after the Chairman announced the FCC would work to repeal Title II Net Neutrality, Pai has been subjected to a withering onslaught of racist screed and threats to his and his family’s safety. On the day the FCC voted to repeal Title II Net Neutrality in December, the vote was stopped briefly, and the hearing room temporarily evacuated, because of a phoned-in bomb threat (the attached pictures at left show an unprecedented security presence for the Net Neutrality vote in December, with bomb sniffing dogs and IED inspections among other tactics used to secure the FCC building and its occupants).

Dangerous cowards.

And hypocrites, too. The very people who want free speech for the Internet want to shut down free speech when the tide shifts away from their stance.

Net Neutrality policy deserves open, thoughtful – and, yes, safe – debate. It is time leaders pushing Net Neutrality (including the publications which handsomely profit off of exciting the pro-Net Neutrality nuts) stand up and condemn these acts.

Silence means acceptance.

That is unacceptable.

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