California Protects State’s Weed Market While Spraying Regulatory Herbicide on ISPs

by Mike Wendy on March 19, 2018

California state legislators are high.

Its legal weed industry is in trouble because its reefer regs have pushed bong smokers to buy their Mary Jane from the black market instead of licensed pushers.

So last week, state lawmakers proposed to temporarily reduce its reefer taxes and other regulation because, as its main co-sponsor says:

“California cannabis businesses are making significant investments as they embrace the regulated marketplace while, at the same time, being undercut by unregulated competitors…”

In the same puff, another group of California legislators is seeking to reinstate Obama’s repealed Net Neutrality law, working to bind state ISPs with rules that are even tougher than the law it (illegally) seeks to re-impose. On top of banning blocking, throttling and paid priority, it also prohibits two-sided pricing, differential pricing and zero rating (among other restrictions).

What a buzz kill.

What hypocrisy.

ObamaNet was repealed precisely because it undermined investment by ISPs; because, by design, it undercut ISPs by regulating them and then locking them out of markets dominated by unregulated (Silicon Valley) “competitors.”

Funny how taxes and regulation tend to kill growth. Too bad California legislators only want to grow weeds.

Take another toke, dudes.  I’m sure you’ll get it straight some day.

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