MediaFreedom Applauds FCC on Reforms to Boost Next-Generation Wireless Infrastructure

by Mike Wendy on March 22, 2018

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Newly deployed “cantenna” / small cell, Alexandria, VA.

Alexandria, VA, March 22, 2018 – MediaFreedom applauds the FCC and, in particular, the work of Commissioner Brendan Carr, with today’s order streamlining the red-tape surrounding the National Historic Preservation Act and the National Environmental Policy Act, thus reducing the regulatory drags and costs that hinder the deployment of next-generation wireless facilities. Quite simply, these reforms will help grow 5G networks and their currency – i.e., its million-plus small cells, which have yet to be fully deployed – held back by these dated policies.

The reform is long overdue and represents a tremendous leap forward toward bridging the digital divide and boosting broadband-enabled prosperity for all Americans.

Good work, FCC! Keep it coming.


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