Ted Cruz Shows U.S. Conservatives We’ve Been “Facebooked” Hard and Often Because of Our Beliefs

by Mike Wendy on April 16, 2018

Last week during the Senate Facebook hearing, Senator Ted Cruz took FB’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, to task for his company’s left leaning bias, which, through this architecture, has seemingly routinely “Facebooked” (i.e., censored and screwed) conservative voices on its properties.

U.S. communications law creates a legal fiction which allows companies like FB to traffic in most any legal third-party content without being responsible for that programming. Companies can take down “objectionable” stuff if they so deem, but only up to a point. If a company acts like a classic publisher by actively editing / choosing (or suppressing) content it wants on its site, it can lose its congressionally-sponsored immunity. This is the thrust of Senator’s Cruz’ questioning: That is, is FB more-or-less a “neutral” content conduit, letting all programming fly through its gates regardless of viewpoint; or, is FB a biased, politically motivated actor / publisher who actively edits its property and the content on it like a newspaper?

MediaFreedom’s in-house rock band – the Nobel Drone Assassins – supplied the music bed to Cruz’ (edited for time purposes) questioning here: “We’ve Been Facebooked”. ┬áTake a listen, it’s entertaining.

Below is the full exchange from last week.

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