CRA Reveals Yet Again Net Neutrality Isn’t a Mainstream or Real Issue for Americans

by Mike Wendy on May 10, 2018

Senator Ed Markey speaking at a recent Net Neutrality press conference on Capitol Hill.

Senator Ed Markey believes Net Neutrality is a “razor sharp” mainstream issue, which America understands and supports. But for all the bluster, all the corporate PR, all the activists’ website promotions, all the pay-walled elites so excited about the possibility it could be reinstated via the Senator’s upcoming CRA vote, there was not a single shred of coverage in the three top national print news publications (NYT, WaPo and WSJ) on the all important, wait-hold-the presses procedural vote which moved forward yesterday, ostensibly (desperately) starting the end of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s repeal of Obama’s Depression-era Net Neutrality law.

The procedural vote to move the new CIA director – yes, that got front-page column inches. A bunch.

The procedural vote on the Net Neutrality CRA – zero, zip, zilch.

Even (as of this writing) CNet didn’t cover it.

That’s because we have long-known it is a contrived issue, supported mainly by Google and Facebook, and George Soros’ (white) privilege, professional activists.

Halted production of America’s most popular pick-up truck, affecting thousands of jobs – now that’s a real issue. Net Neutrality, not so much.

America simply does not care about this made-up problem in search of a solution, which instead of boosting investment in networks was really designed to subsidize edge companies like Google in payback for political support of President Obama in ’08 and ’12.

Markey’s right about one thing, however.  It is razor sharp for those pols who touch it.

Larry Lessig ran on it for president in 2016. Umm, he lost.

Tim Wu (the “father” of the term “Net Neutrality”) and Zephyr Teachout ran on it for public office in 2014. Umm, they both lost.

95 progressive congressional hopefuls ran on it in 2010. Umm, all lost.

It cut them out of their races, alright.  Ouch.

Ford’s halting its F-150 production is a more important story to America than Net Neutrality. That development affects real people and real lives.

Net Neutrality does not and never will because it is imagined, fake, and a confidence job on us all.

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