CRA Vote – Calling FDR’s Great Depression to “Guide” the Internet

by Mike Wendy on May 4, 2018

On May 9th, Senate Democrats will force a vote to bring back FDR policies for the Internet. They’re calling for the Great Depression to “guide” America’s 21st Century communications networks, seeking to resurrect 30’s era utility regulation for ISPs.

“Hello, FDR?  You there?”

With the CRA and FDR’s Great Depression policies, Democrats seek to control our communications switchboard once again.

Perhaps they didn’t notice, but the Internet grew precisely because that connection was dropped long ago. Innovation, commerce and free expression have flourished as a result.

The upcoming Congressional Review Act (CRA) vote seeks to dial-back this success. Democrats want to use it to control the switchboard again, to bring back that old familiar POTS ring and its government-approved competition so our communications landscape is “properly protected.”

The CRA is a raw deal, however. It is a bad line to a corroded copper idea – a crackly, long-distance phone call to the government-depressed past.

Hang up the phone, Senators.

FDR can’t get your calls. His line and his policies have been disconnected.

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