In-District No Shows Show Net Neutrality CRA Is a Dead Letter

by Mike Wendy on June 27, 2018

No Show for Net Neutrality activists at Rep. Ted Yoho’s in-district office, Gainesville, Fl.

Yesterday was the so-called “Day of Advocacy” for those hoping to pass the House’s Net Neutrality Congressional Review Act resolution (CRA). The Senate passed its CRA vote in May (mostly along partisan / Democrat lines), but House Democrats need to bring in over twenty Republicans for it to progress any further.

The day’s events included, among other things, visits by activists to House offices on Capitol Hill, urging Representatives there to sign onto the CRA. It also included a call to action, organized by the progressive group Fight for the Future (FftF), for grassroots protesters to visit the in-district offices of targeted Republicans whom they believe can be swung.

One such targeted office was that of Rep. Ted Yoho, in Gainesville, Florida. Being down in the area on Summer break, I visited Yoho’s office at the appointed time noted on the FftF webpage. I Waited for more than an hour in the lovely Florida sun. And I Went inside, introduced myself to staff, and inquired if any Net Neutrality zealots had come by.

What I found out was this: Not a single Net Neutrality activist had stopped in to demonstrate at the Representative’s office.

Surprising? Hardly.

Though FftF’s PR would have one believe that Net Neutrality is top of mind for Americans, (real) polls, news coverage, and anecdotal evidence (i.e., Yoho’s Net Neutrality no shows) belie this assertion. This same lack of attendance at Yoho’s in-district event was apparently duplicated elsewhere (perhaps at most). Believe me, we would have known by now just how “successful” the day’s events had gone had they in fact turned out “well.” FftF and its brethren are very good at spin and blowing their own horns. Their websites would have been littered with pictures and posts from activists at all the in-district events. And we would have seen glowing stories in the pro-Net Neutrality tech-press about the “heroic” protesters.

They are almost entirely absent for a reason.

Net Neutrality is a made-up issue, its advocacy funded by Silicon Valley and progressive billionaires for merely selfish purposes.

The “Day of Advocacy” FAIL further confirms that the Net Neutrality CRA is a dead letter.

Democrats think they have an issue that resonates with lazy millennials. Ted Yoho’s office says otherwise.

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