Facebook and Twitter Are Neither Free or Open, and I’m OK with That

by Mike Wendy on July 27, 2018

Facebook and Twitter are free to block you – get over it and move on.

If you’re worried that Facebook and Twitter might be “shadowbanning” you because of your (conservative) views, get over it. They are private companies, and you’re there as their guest: you have no right to be on them.

These platforms are neither free or open, but I’m okay with that. I can turn them off and limit my engagement as I please (and do). I don’t need them to live a happy life.

Bias is good. All platforms have a bias. It differentiates them from the other products and services in the marketplace. I’d rather they screw that up themselves than have Uncle Sam decide what is “good” and what is not. That’s the essence of the Frist Amendment and its protection from government intervention in speech markets.

I could come up with legal arguments why access must be compelled on these platforms, but, really, I don’t care. Moreover, I’m not into compelling service from other people or businesses (that’s for progressives to worry about). We know that most all media outlets despise conservatives. So what. They and their audiences lose when they limit or degrade our voices.

Let’s build a better mousetrap instead of wasting time on this first-world, non-issue.

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