Time to Look at Washington’s Role in Promoting Dead Mall Syndrome

by Mike Wendy on July 18, 2018

Dead Mall – Main Street, USA.

The Dead Mall.  A scene all too common across all of America. Sure, there’re a number of reasons why this is occurring.  Chief among them, however, is U.S. e-commerce policy, which has engendered ravenous online companies like Amazon, hastening the demise of (apparently undesirable) local retail outlets.

You know, the Internet was supposed to change everything.  But, was it supposed to do this?  Or, stated differently, had all the laws that were passed to give favor to Silicon Valley come with this sales pitch – “Hey, this e-commerce legislation will help decimate Main Street retail outlets” – would they have gone through?

Probably not.

It’s time we take a good look at what Washington has done to favor “the Internet” so that we can help revive Main Street – its retail outlets, its communities, its jobs, its prosperity, and our local – not virtual – way of life.

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