Sohn: Net Neutrality Regs Are the “Most Progressive Communications Policies in History”

October 20, 2017

In remarking on Julius Genachowski’s Net Neutrality Order in 2011, then Public Knowledge’s Gigi Sohn exclaimed, “The commission is in no way regulating the Internet. It was merely attempting to return to a modest level of traditional authority needed to safeguard the rights of Internet users.” (Emphasis added) But, it was all a bunch of […]

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Daniel Berninger: SCOTUS Must Address OIO & End FCC’s Reclassification Ping Pong

October 18, 2017

Daniel Berninger is Founder of VCXC, and was an intervenor in the appeal to overturn the FCC’s 2015’s Open Internet Order. Earlier this month, he asked the Supreme Court to take a look at the OIO. Berninger believes the OIO is specious and is especially offensive to the the First Amendment, which he notes the […]

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Google, Facebook and Twitter Should Ween Themselves off of the Section 230 Subsidy

October 11, 2017

A colleague of mine, Fred Campbell, recently wrote a piece in which he posits, “Maybe We Should ‘End The Internet As We Know It’.” In the piece he notes: If only the internet we know weren’t such a mess. Policies that net neutrality advocates are clamoring to preserve have facilitated the internet’s roles in undermining […]

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Bots Lose, Real Americans Win With the Internet Policy Debate

October 2, 2017

I wrote the following piece, which appeared in Morning Consult, September 26, 2017. Bots Lose, Real Americans Win With the Internet Policy Debate According to data gathered from the Federal Communication Commission’s Electronic Comment Filing System, approximately 22 million comments have flowed into the agency’s Restoring Internet Freedom proposal — a rulemaking seeking to modify […]

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Wheeler / Sohn FCC Knew Their Net Neutrality Comments Were Unverifiable, Yet Still Counted Them All to “Prove” Their Case

September 5, 2017

There’s a lot of freaking-out going on in the pro-Net Neutrality camp due to a study released last week by Broadband for America, which concluded, among other things, that “69.9% of [Restoring Internet Freedom] comments are in favor of repealing Title II once accounting for fake and unverifiable international comments.” The Net-Neuties think they smell […]

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MediaFreedom Asks FCC to Protect Free Speech, Innovation, Consumers by Ditching the OIO

August 31, 2017

The following filing was submitted to the FCC yesterday in the 17-108 Restoring Internet Freedom docket.  The filing can also be found on the FCC’s website here. REPLY COMMENTS OF MEDIAFREEDOM I. Introduction MediaFreedom1  would like to reiterate from its initial 17-108 comments our request that the Restoring Internet Freedom (RIF) rulemaking eliminate the Open […]

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Google and Company Block and Censor, the ISPs, Not So Much

August 22, 2017

Isn’t it odd that the very companies which championed “free speech” via Net Neutrality – you know, Google, Facebook, Twitter and other Silicon Valley oligarchs – are now knee deep in expunging their properties (and users) of speech they don’t approve of in light of recent events in Charlottesville, etc? This on top of last […]

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Help Detroit, Help America

August 17, 2017

I visited Detroit for the first time this past weekend to see relatives. What I saw there shocked me – not my relatives, but the decay of the city itself. What was once a proud and world-class city had fallen prey to forces too numerous to list here. Yes, Motown still has a lot to […]

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Sinclair-Trib Merger Shows Freepress’ True Colors – They’re Dyed in the Wool, Authoritarian Censors

August 4, 2017

In arguing for the rejection of the proposed Sinclair-Tribune broadcast merger, “media reform” group Freepress made this astoundingly ironic (and anti-American) statement: …Sinclair is notorious for slipping right-wing views and Republican talking points into its newscasts. The company overrides the objections of local journalists and forces its stations to run conservative commentaries and slanted stories […]

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45 Words Net Neutrality Supporters Never Utter

July 20, 2017

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: “Yes, one of the great tenets of the Bill of Rights – the freedom of speech. Do you stand with me? Are you ready to resist? Are you ready to defend Net Neutrality? Are you ready to wear that banner? I am a fighter for the First Amendment. I am a […]

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